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Viztek’s new Cassette Sized Wireless DR Panel debuted at RSNA 2012

Cassettes Sized Wireless DR Panels

One of the most exciting products for the private practice market is the New Cassette sized Wireless DR Panel from Viztek. The PACS and RIS software specialists have taken the DR upgrade market by storm in the last few years. They have introduced DR technology to thousands of Private practice medical offices from all over the world. Their latest release is the 14×17 Cassette sized WiFi DR Detector.

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Radiation Dose Levels between CR, DR and Film Screen

FlatPanelDR X Ray Room

Patient exposure to radiation depends not just on the technique used, but also on the imaging protocols of the particular institution. However, multiple studies conducted in the past few years have revealed that generally, in comparison to CR and the conventional X-ray methods, Digital Radiography systems can lower the radiation doses that patients are exposed to.

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All in One DR Radiography Package

All in one DR Radiography Machine

You will never buy a traditional radiography room ever again. The integrated an easy to use Straight Arm All in One DR is the perfect solution for your new office. The Flat Panel Detector offers the Highest image Quality at the lowest dose possible for your patients. This Compact DR system is an integrated system for all conventional radiographic applications in combination with a High Frequency Generator, makes the Compact the most advanced system available. It can be further configured depending on your exact clinical requirements.

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The Classes of Flat Panel Digital X-ray Detectors

Samsung DR Plate

Flat Panel Digital X-ray Detector or the FPXD is the latest development in x-ray technology. Have you ever wondered how they work? FPDs can normally be categorized into two segments – direct and indirect. The two different terms refer to the technique used to create images. While the former uses direct conversion detectors, the latter uses indirect conversion detectors. In the paragraphs that follow, the two methods will be discussed in detail.

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Samsung Flat Panel Detector Upgrades

Samsung Digital Radiography

The performance of the Samsung Flat Panels has been outstanding thus far. Image quality is great and you will reduce dose compared to CR or CCD based X Ray systems. By removing the step of running CR cassettes through a reader you will save minutes on each study you perform. With the Samsung DR Retro fit panel you will acquire your image in only seconds.

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What is a PACS?

Vatech DR PACS Workstations

PACS is a combination of hardware and software dedicated to the short and long term storage, retrieval, management, distribution and presentation of Diagnostic Images. The biggest consumers of PACS are Hospitals and other types of Specialty Medical Practices. PACS main purpose is to replace hard Film copies with Digital Images that can be used and seen by several different Medical professionals and different Medical automation systems simultaneously.

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Why it Pays to upgrade to Chiropractic Digital X-Ray


In my part-time practice we average about 90 x-ray series per month and this takes no time away from adjusting patients. It is really not difficult to find licensed x-ray technologists and they make excellent chiropractic assistants because they fully understand anatomy and are very well trained in handling patients. Let’s suppose that you put a $65,000 Digital X-ray System in your practice. With just the insurance reimbursement alone you would pay off this x-ray machine in slightly less than two years, if your practice is busier than my part-time practice you could pay it off in less.

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What is Direct Digital Radiography?

The use of Digital Radiography has rapidly increased in recent years. Computed Radiography provided a cost-effective transition mode from the traditional Analog or Film (from the year 1895) to the Direct Digital Radiography (DDR), by using conventional X-ray Equipment. Direct Digital Radiography is a cassette-less imaging system and is ideal for applications where high throughput is of primary importance. The Direct Digital Radiography System should allow usage of all general radiography diagnostic applications.

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