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Radiation Dose Levels between CR, DR and Film Screen

FlatPanelDR X Ray Room

Patient exposure to radiation depends not just on the technique used, but also on the imaging protocols of the particular institution. However, multiple studies conducted in the past few years have revealed that generally, in comparison to CR and the conventional X-ray methods, Digital Radiography systems can lower the radiation doses that patients are exposed to.

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Samsung Flat Panel installed at Animal Emergency Hospital in Bel Air, Md

Today Vatech DR has installed the Newest Digital X-Ray technology. Flat Panel X Ray Detectors are the most revolutionary product that has hit the Veterinary Radiography market in years. The new Flat Panel Detector will allow the staff to obtain a radiograph in about 6 seconds!! This cuts their time down from the previous CR (Computed Radiography) based system which took almost 2-3 minutes to acquire your image. The image quality is simply amazing when compared to a Film or a CR based Radiography system.

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